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What We’ve Been Up To and Where We Are Going: KBIS 2023 and More

January 3, 2023

Some time has passed since we last updated about everything happening at IKONNI. Between expanding to new locations, rolling out IKONNI’s first ever flooring product, and participating in the upcoming KBIS 2023 show, we have been busy. Here are the main highlights of what’s been happening at IKONNI.

KBIS 2023

  IKONNI is excited to return to KBIS in January 2023 in Las Vegas. This year, the booth will be a private and intimate concept we know you will love. The IKONNI booth will be an exclusive setting where designers and others in the industry can learn more about IKONNI’s new product lines. From outside the booth, you will only catch a glimpse of what we’re showcasing, so we invite you in for the full experience. IKONNI will be introducing two exciting new lines this year—a flooring collection and a customizable laminate collection. You won’t want to miss these new collections, and the extensions of our most popular lines from previous years that continue to be in demand.   Here is a glimpse of what you will see when you visit our booth at KBIS 2023.  


  IKONNI is proud to introduce SKEMA Floor. We have partnered with expert groundbreakers in the industry who are always creating innovative solutions to home design in order to bring to our clients high-end and highly designable flooring products. This line can be used in both residential and commercial settings, making it adaptable to any space.     This real wood floor product comes in a variety of geometric shapes that can be designed in a customized way to suit your particular project. SKEMA flooring considers aesthetic as well as level of quality, producing a high-end product that enhances a space’s overall design.    


  IKONNI’s new partnership with Voice Tec brings to you a unique laminate flooring line that creates extensive design possibilities by allowing the mixing and matching of base patterns with different finishes, including a variety of colors and metallics. Voice Tec laminates have the capability to be perfectly tailored to your specific vision and to your client’s needs.  


Along with the new flooring collection, SKEMA Floor, we will be showcasing the Wave Series, an extension of our Milled Wood Collection. The Wave Series is inspired by the beauty of nature’s waves and the different shapes they create as they rise and fall. The Wave Series imparts those wave-inspired shapes into our milled wood panels, modernizing the more traditional cuts for those who are seeking a refreshed design look.  


  At KBIS 2023, IKONNI will also be showcasing client favorites, namely our famous Slat System and Flexible Panels. These products have continued to provide designers with upscale, cutting-edge materials to create artful masterpieces within their clients’ spaces.  


  IKONNI as a company has seen growth over time, and we took that as a sign that it was time to expand our reach. We have a brand-new showroom in Los Angeles, CA where our clients can visit to explore our different product lines and build their designs for all kinds of projects. IKONNI’s LA showroom location can be found on our contact page. We also took the opportunity to expand into the Florida market, providing inventive scope for the imagination to a whole new set of design clients. At IKONNI, we are focused on providing our clients with the highest-quality design products that offer high-end creative potential. We hope you visit the IKONNI booth at KBIS 2023 in Las Vegas, and we look forward to sharing even more about all our interior design product lines both on this blog and in our showrooms!


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