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IKONNI’s Innovative Interior Design Product Lines Showcased at KBIS 2023

February 15, 2023

IKONNI recently participated in KBIS, the largest kitchen and bath trade show in the country, where interior designers, architects, manufacturers, and other industry professionals came together to showcase their latest products and services. This year, IKONNI had several new and updated products to share within an intimate booth that was closed on three sides to encourage visitors to step inside and explore. IKONNI’s booth saw a lot of excitement and heavy traffic from a variety of industry experts. If you missed the booth or want to learn more about the interior design products showcased, we have summarized them here for you.


Slat System – A Top Trend in 2023

IKONNI’s popular Slat System has been named one of the top innovative trends for 2023. It works by connecting individual slats together through a tongue and groove system to create a customized finish. This favorite product has been updated with four new, fun front-facing profiles to generate even more design possibilities. The profiles are available in finished natural walnut and unfinished natural white oak, and come in ten-foot tall slats. There is little wait for those interested in IKONNI’s slat systems, as they require only a two week lead time.

Lightweight Flexible Panels


Flexible Panels have long been a sought-after IKONNI product, and they have been updated to be even more versatile with a lightweight version. You can now get any of the front-facing profiles on paperback, allowing you to easily add them onto cabinets, drawers, and doors to complete the exact aesthetic you are looking for. Additionally, the lightweight panels can be sealed against water damage and stains. If you prefer to stain the panels yourself, they also come as unfinished wood veneer. The Flexible Panel Collection on paperback comes in 4’x10’ size sheets that you can cut and customize to your specific needs.

Embossed Veneers

Embossed Veneers are a unique way to create a custom look using any wood veneer product. All IKONNI veneers are made of natural reconstituted wood, not laminate, and the high-end quality is visible even at a distance. With the Embossed Veneers line, you can mix and match embossing textures of your choice with whichever wood veneer constitution and color best fits your project.

Custom Panels and Doors

In addition to wood, IKONNI offers completely custom-sized panels and doors within the Lacquer, Metal, Clay, and Cement collections. Each door or panel can be ordered in any size and are delivered ready to hang. The doors in the Metal Collection are all perfectly welded around the edges and corners so that each edge is finished and smooth. In the Clay Collection and Cement Collection, the natural material is poured over MDF substrate so that each panel texture is individual and unique with slight texture variations. For custom panels and doors in these collections, the turnaround time is 12 weeks.

NEW RELEASE - Texture Collection

IKONNI presented the Texture Collection for the first time at KBIS. In the Texture Collection, you can mix and match a PVC material with a variety of finishes, such as high gloss, matte, and metallics, as well as with a range of color options. This versatile interior design product creates the possibility for numerous customizations for a high-end, unique look.


There was a lot of buzz and excitement at KBIS about one of IKONNI’s newest product lines, SKEMA FLOOR. This flooring product is inspired by the tile in old European castles, using traditional designs like herringbone and giving them a modern twist. It is made of natural noblewood and comes in seven different tile shapes with a variety of laying options, allowing for an assortment of unique, custom designs. To add to its versatility, SKEMA FLOOR can also be used on walls, so you can establish a real wow factor that draws the eye up, as well.

Innovative Interior Design Products at IKONNI

Above are just some of the many innovative interior design product lines IKONNI offers. No matter what kind of interior design project you are working on, IKONNI has modern, customizable options to elevate the space and achieve your client’s ultimate vision. We can accommodate many different timelines and are able to move quickly on custom products. Contact us to learn more about any of our product lines.


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