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IKONNI materials consist of a collection of the best quality and high-end materials found in the European market. Treated in different special techniques to create textures, effects, and patterns. Every collection of materials has its own unique character that will make your design amazing.

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IKONNI products are made to order, tailored to your design, and customized according to the measurements and specifications of the customer. With no minimum size and quantity required, production time is reduced and provides the customers only with what they really need.

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June 30, 2024

The Benefits of Wall Paneling for High-End, Modern Interiors

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Innovative kitchen cabinets design in 2024
May 31, 2024

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How to care for wood and metal paneling
April 30, 2024

How to Care for Wood and Metal Paneling

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the story of how ikonni was created

IKONNI brings to your home the finest materials and quality craftsmanship from around the world. Measured to embellish walls and kitchen cabinetry, Ikonni is the signature surfacing to compliment any space. Give your kitchen an upgrade with our chic and functional custom kitchen cabinets.

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Success at HD Expo 2023

IKONNI had a successful exhibition at HD (Hospitality and Design) Expo 2023, winning IIDA’s and HD Expo’s Best Wallcovering Award for the Milled and Flexible Panel collections, as well as the Best Booth Award for an impressive product display. During the Expo, IKONNI introduced IKONNI ACOUSTIC, an innovative new product line containing ceiling tiles and wall panels in a variety of finishes and with superior sound absorption quality. IKONNI’s booth was home to a  celebration with Italian wine, charcuterie, and a live violinist.

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Key Differences Between Hardwood and Laminate

Wood and laminate floors may seem similar, but they have several differences, including price and quality. In the end, hardwood floors may be more expensive, but the quality of the product is evident. IKONNI’s products are made of real hardwood and come in a variety of styles that can be customized to your specific project.

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IKONNI’s Innovative Products at KBIS 2023

IKONNI recently participated in KBIS, the largest kitchen and bath trade show in the country, where interior designers, architects, manufacturers, and other industry professionals came together to showcase their latest products and services. This year, IKONNI had several new and updated products to share, including updates to their Slat System, Flexible Panels, Embossed Veneers, and Custom Panels and Doors, as well as introduced the Texture Collection and SKEMA FLOOR.

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