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Wood paneling in the kitchen adds elegance and warmth to your space.

How to Effectively Use Wood Paneling in the Kitchen

August 24, 2023

Wood paneling has made a comeback in a major way in homes, and did you know you can even incorporate it into a kitchen? Using wood paneling in the kitchen creates warmth and sophistication, and can even add architectural interest depending on how you use it. As the heart of the home, the kitchen is a perfect place to incorporate wood paneling and all its design benefits. Here are just a few creative ways to use wood paneling in the kitchen.

1. Wooden Ceiling

Wood paneling on the ceiling creates a dramatic effect that can be felt throughout the whole room. You can have wood panels covering the entire ceiling or just a certain area you would like to highlight, such as over an eating nook. A wood ceiling can look rustic, but it can also look modern and elegant depending on how the rest of the space is styled. Wood is also a great way to draw attention to an architectural aspect of the ceiling.

2. Wood Paneled Cabinets and Drawers

Wooden cabinets and drawers may seem classic, but they actually come in many different styles and materials to create completely different vibes. Using wood veneers, such as from IKONNI’s Flexible Panel collection, gives you the ability to customize cabinets to a specific style, and can add a uniqueness to the overall look of a kitchen. Wood veneers at IKONNI are made from hardwood whose high quality is evident, even from a distance.  A popular trend in 2023 is having a two-toned look in the kitchen by using a separate color or material to add drama to a specific area like an island. Wood panels are perfect for this kind of effect, and you can even use two different kinds of wood panels to achieve this look. Use a two-toned style for either upper and lower cabinets or for wall cabinets and around an island.

3. Wood Paneled Walls

Wood panels on the walls are an excellent way to create a modern yet warm ambiance in a kitchen. With wood wall paneling, you can use the texture of the panels to make the room seem taller or wider. Wood panels work especially well as accent walls to help define a space or draw attention to it. IKONNI’s embossed veneers and slatted panels are two of several choice options for wall paneling.

4. Wood Backsplash  

You may not think of wood paneling when it comes to a backsplash, but it can be a truly unique way to bring wood into your space. Wood panels like our flexible panels can be treated to be water and stain resistant, so it’s safe to use them as a backsplash without worrying about warping or discoloration. A backsplash is a great way to add a wood accent in your kitchen that really pops.

Designing With Wood Paneling in the Kitchen

If you are designing a kitchen and are looking for a unique element to add that can work in a variety of different aesthetics, consider wood paneling. Wood paneling adds a richness to spaces both modest and upscale, rustic and elegant, and every style in between. The experts at IKONNI can help direct you toward the wood paneling that works best for your needs, so make sure to contact us for your next project.


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