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How to care for wood and metal paneling

How to Care for Wood and Metal Paneling

April 30, 2024

Spring is here, which means spring cleaning season has begun. Part of spring cleaning is generally performing maintenance on the different areas, appliances, and materials in your space. If you have wood or metal paneling in your home or building, you may be wondering how to best care for them so that their beauty and integrity stay as stark as ever. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your wood and metal paneling throughout the year.

Caring for Wood Paneling

Wood paneling adds an earthy elegance to any space. IKONNI carries several lines of wood paneling that offer a myriad of customization options through the use of texture, shape, tone, and three-dimensional elements. Sometimes, humidity or particle buildup that happens indoors can have an effect on wood materials if they are not ever cleaned or treated. Luckily, wood paneling is easy to care for and maintain, making it a perfect choice for keeping your space looking upscale and in perfect condition at all times after just a little bit of attention.


Especially if your paneling has textured or three-dimensional parts, dust particles can build up over time. A simple dusting coupled with vacuuming every so often will help keep your wood panels free of any particle buildup and looking pristine. Vacuuming is more effective than dusting alone and is less labor intensive. Make sure to use a soft bristle attachment so as not to scratch or damage the wood.


There’s no need for harsh chemical cleaners when it comes to washing wood. If you notice actual dirt on your wood paneling that dusting won’t take care of, washing it with gentle soap and water should be sufficient. 


Though it’s not necessary, polishing your wood paneling can help give it a richer look over time. A little bit of lemon oil is enough to achieve this effect–you don’t want to overdo it.

Caring for Metal Paneling

Metal panels need very little maintenance in order to remain in pique condition. Some dusting is usually sufficient to clean the corners and ridges on a textured piece, and mild soap and water can easily clean up any dirty areas. It’s important to dry your metal panels after cleaning them rather than let them air dry to prevent any streaks or water spots from developing. Depending on where metal paneling is used and how much traffic that space gets, it may get some small dents or scratches, but they can often be buffed out using a soft cloth.

Learn the Best Ways to Care for your Wood and Metal Paneling

Metal paneling

IKONNI offers a variety of wood and metal paneling that can be used in all different kinds of spaces, including commercial spaces, in kitchens, and as decorative wall features. These include milled panels, flexible panels, metal dust panels, the new FORM AT WOOD collection, and the popular slat system. The professionals at IKONNI can guide you on how to best care for your wood and metal paneling so it can look perpetually elegant and beautiful in your space.



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