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Killer Kitchen Color Combos

Killer Kitchen Color Combos

November 1, 2018

Finding the right color for your kitchen can be overwhelming since there are simply too many options to choose from. That being said, there’s always going to be a favorite color and some which are less loved: you must however note that sometimes the color you most love might not work while the color that you least like does. This blog is all about kitchen color combinations and how to nail said department.

Think Before You Paint

Or, you know, before you buy the paint. Deciding which color your kitchen is gong to be is a little more than deciding, let’s say, which shirt to wear with which pair of pants. There’s the texture of the materials used that needs to be considered: what went into your cabinets? Wood or steel or laminate? Secondly, what material are your cabinets? Because you might not realize it, but not all materials work well in all colors. Think about the aesthetic style you’re aiming for: modern and chic, or traditional and vintage? Industrial finish or cozy conventional? Once you’ve thought all this through, think about your personal preference and see if the options line up. Chalk out a number of options before deciding on the final one. Get peer advice and consult a designer if needed. This blog will discuss some of the most fool-proof and well-loved color combinations for kitchens. You can take inspiration from them or pick one as it is!

Orange and Blue

For the lovers of funk and fun, orange and blue is an electric and energetic combination that is both bold and beautiful. The colors can both be soft or dark and light, complementing each other, although we heavily advise against using dark shades for both. Perfect with modern aesthetic and white cabinetry (preferably wood), this combination is full of punch and promise.

Crimson and Gold

The Gryffindor colors. Regal and deep, they can be used in both traditional styled kitchens and in more modern varieties. Best used with white woodwork in modern design, they give off the perfect Tuscan kitchen feel.

Purple and Grey

More modern than any other combination on this list and perfect for the industrial finish look, this combination works like a charm with steel cabinetry. Purple can also be used in more traditional designs since it was, after all, the color of kings.

In Black and White

No better color for a minimalistic look than the yin and yang, black and white maintain the perfect balance and exude extreme elegance. Perfect with wallpapers.

Brown and Blue

Earthy and wholesome, there’s nothing that could go wrong with this color combination. Dull as dull could be with pops of bright color, robin’s egg blue has always been a great kitchen color.

Yellow and Grey

Perfectly chic and poppy, grey and yellow mixed with splashes of white are ideal for the contemporary look.

Red and Black

A classic duo, this bold combination is sure to catch anyone’s attention with its loud statement. However, it must be done just right.

Give Your Kitchen the Love It Deserves

Give Your Kitchen the Love It Deserves Kitchens are more than a place for cooking and baking: they’re a social space shared by all the members of a family, and must be catered accordingly. An important and essential part of a house, kitchens require interiors just as hardy and aesthetically pleasing as the rest of the house does. Ikonni understands the love and care that kitchens require and deserve, and delivers services fit for the purpose. Specializing in custom cabinetry and offering a range of materials from which to make cabinets to your liking, Ikonni is an interior design guru based in NYC. We can be reached at 917-900-7048 or you can alternatively leave us a message here.


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