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IKONNI at last year's KBIS, looking ahead to IKONNI at KBIS 2024.

IKONNI Returns to KBIS 2024

February 26, 2024

Later this month, IKONNI will be heading to Las Vegas to participate in KBIS 2024. Celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show is the number one event for high end interior design companies. Brands will be showcasing their top products and most innovative design solutions while also networking and learning from other professionals. Filled with panel discussions from top industry leaders, creative booths in the extensive expo hall, and award ceremonies recognizing experts in the field, KBIS is the place to be for those in the design industry.  IKONNI had a successful showing at last year's KBIS, highlighting several collections within a unique booth, and will be returning this year with more exciting new products. IKONNI’s different collections bring innovative solutions to design projects, satisfying the needs and imaginations of a wide scale of clients. Read on for a sneak peek at what IKONNI will be presenting at KBIS 2024.

Milled Panels: New Additions

IKONNI Wave Series                

Milled Panels have been a popular IKONNI product for some time, and the collection just got bigger. Using texture, shape, and dimension, Milled Panels allow for significant customization when designing a project, and they give a space an elegant, unique look that appeals to the varying tastes of a wide variety of clients. Last year, IKONNI added the Wave Series, a line of Milled Panels inspired by the natural beauty of the movement of ocean water. This year, IKONNI has new lines to add to the collection that bring even more unique shapes and designs, expanding the possibilities for designing a space.

FORM AT WOOD Collection

IKONNI FORM AT WOOD                  

One of IKONNI’s newest products, FORM AT WOOD is a collection based around the natural beauty of woodworking. Appealing to lovers of both classic and modern styles, it combines artisanal craftsmanship with modern elements to bring timely yet timeless design to a space. The three-dimensionality of the panels evoke movement and a sense of life, elevating any area into a focal point. FORM AT WOOD products work well in both formal and informal spaces.

Visit IKONNI at KBIS 2024

IKONNI’s design products allow for endless possibilities when working on a space. The wide variety of floor, wall, and ceiling panels and materials appeal to a wide range of clients and their visions.  Visit IKONNI’s booth to explore the newest collections, as well as other top products that can inspire your next design project. As always, contact IKONNI’s team of professionals for full access to our product lines.  


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