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IKONNI KBIS 2024 Booth

IKONNI at KBIS 2024: A Successful Showcase

March 28, 2024

At the end of February, IKONNI attended KBIS 2024, the top event for high-end interior designers to congregate and share their newest innovative products. IKONNI showcased several different collections, all of which were well-received amongst other attendees. The most popular products included one of their newest collections, FORM AT WOOD, as well as the usual favorites, Flexible Panels, Milled Panels, and Slat Systems.



FORM AT WOOD, a recent addition to IKONNI’s collection, was a favorite at this year’s KBIS. IKONNI displayed this product by highlighting its iconic feature walls with custom lighting fixtures and using a mixture of 3D and flat wood tiles. With solid wood on the front and plywood on the back, FORM AT WOOD tiles evoke the natural beauty of wood and the artistic craftsmanship of woodworking. The tiles come in different shapes, wood species, and textures, making them easily customizable by mixing the different tile varieties to create unique designs.

Popular Panels and Slat Systems


Flexible Panels, Milled Panels, and IKONNI’s Slat Systems are frequent favorites at shows and conventions. These product lines offer design versatility and work well in any space. They can turn a mundane area into something that looks high end and elegant without making any other major changes to the room. These particular products were also of interest due to their ability to create hidden doors, a sophisticated feature that creates a seamless, elevated look. Each product line brings something new to spark creativity when designing a space, and the collections keep growing. At KBIS 2024, IKONNI brought new Milled Panel products that further broaden their design possibilities.

Custom Metal, Lacquer, and Clay

Are you looking for unique finishes for a kitchen project? IKONNI’s KBIS 2024 booth showcased doors made of metal, lacquer, and clay. These deluxe materials have a wide variety of design uses, including as wall cladding, kitchen islands, kitchen hoods, and prefabricated cabinet doors. They can be customized to fit the size and thickness needed and come in custom finishes to suit any design innovation. Metal and lacquer materials bring an elegant sheen to your design, while clay finishings add natural texture and dimension.

IKONNI: A Resource for Design Innovation

Innovative design features enrich the ambiance of a space and make the design feel elevated and intentional. IKONNI carries a wide variety of interior design products that utilize structure, dimension, texture, color, and shape to surprise and delight the imagination. With IKONNI’s products and knowledge, you will be able to create the exact aesthetic you are going for. Let IKONNI partner with you on your next design project.        


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