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Budget Friendly Ways to Make your Kitchen Look Fancy

Budget Friendly Ways to Make your Kitchen Look Fancy

October 24, 2018

You don’t have to go out of your way to make your kitchen stand out. Kitchen remodeling is one of the most common home improvement projects and for good reason too. Not only can remodeling your kitchen make your home look beautiful, it increases its value too! That being said, you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars to make your kitchen look incredible. Here are a couple of ways you can achieve that without breaking the bank:

Make it Simple

As minimalistic designs are in high demand these days, opting for a modern theme for your kitchen is bound to fetch you a pretty penny. That is, if you plan to sell your house in the months to come. You can add artificial plants in the corner or on the window sill. Go for pastel colors as they will make your kitchen look bigger. You can also go for a red and white look, or a black and white design, depending on how simple you want to make it look. Kitchens that include fancy wallpapers or are overcrowded with appliances tend to look cluttered. This actually decreases the value of your home instead of increasing it.

Striking Artwork 

Striking Artwork

If you’re renovating your kitchen and not remodeling it, and want to increase its charm, you can easily achieve this by adding some art to the wall. It doesn’t matter if you opt for a picturesque landscape or a minimalistic masterpiece, as long as the artwork is beautiful. Add artwork to one side of the wall. It can also be related to food or a painting of your favorite restaurant! This will spruce up the interior and create an individualistic personality for your kitchen. But remember not to add so many pictures that can make your kitchen wall look crowded. The point is to add personality, not subtract from it!

Double Sinks

Another thing you can do is add double sinks. What this will do is help keep you more organized and it will also make your kitchen space look “bigger.” If you’re going for a stainless steel kitchen, invest in a nano stainless steel sink! It’s anti-bacterial, easy-to-use and provides ample space with a double bowl system.

Replace Old Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets are important parts of your kitchen. So it goes without saying that if they’re worn out or look “lifeless” it can decrease the value of your home. So, make sure to get them replaced. Whether you’re opting for wooden cabinets or metal ones, make sure they complement the overall design of your kitchen’s interior. Just minor tweaking can add life to an old kitchen design. You don’t even need to change the entire design, just replace the cabinets and it can make a significant different. It doesn’t matter what your requirements are, we have all the answers. Offering an incredible range of kitchen and bathroom remodeling services, Ikonni can provide your kitchen with the uplift it needs! Feel free to request samples so you can learn more about what we can do for you!


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