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Why Steel Adds a Classy Sheen To your Interiors

October 4, 2019

Steel interiors are always failsafe. Lending a sense of class and modernity to any space, these are always gorgeous to look at and should be included in every modern home. From staircases to fixtures, artwork and even furniture, there’s very little that can go wrong with steel in your interiors. The cool tones and muted finishes have an unmatched elegance that can transform even the drabbest spaces into the most stylish ones.

What are some of the ways you can add steel to your interiors?

Steel is quite an easy and often inexpensive addition to any interior space. You can easily add it into your home and workspaces through small and large additions and changes. add steel to your interiors Before you decide to remodel and refurbish your entire home though, figure out a budget and the intended aesthetic. You don’t want to take on too much and go the opposite route, ending up with an incredibly clinical and sterile-looking space. You’re in a home, not a museum or gallery and such harsh aesthetics can make the space feel unwelcoming and cold. However, some of the easiest ways to add the ever class look of steel to your home are:

Steel Furniture

Doesn't sound very comfortable, does it? However, surprisingly, steel furniture doesn’t need to be a form of torture. Smartly designed chairs, bed frames, couches, and tables are all great ways of adding steel into your living spaces. If you’re not comfortable at the thought of sitting on steel chairs, you can easily invest in coffee tables, side tables or stools around your kitchen, living room or bedroom. Steel Furniture

Steel Fixtures and Finishings

An easy and cost-effective way of including steel interiors is through your fixtures and exteriors. Browse through our catalog for some gorgeous custom steel cabinets available in NYC, steel and metal doors, customizable options and so much more that you can add to your kitchen and home. You can also get some stunning light fixtures and shades for that understated yet appealing finish. It’s all about finer details and your lamp and light shades, door handles, railings among other things can bring in an added flare.

Art and Décor

If you’re not keen on installing and or radically changing your space, you can find plenty of beautifully crafted steel artworks and decoration pieces for your home. From frames to centerpieces and even sculptures and statues, there are a lot of things that can be added around the home. Art and Décor Though not particularly decorative, you can make use of steel cutlery and crockery too! It’s a good change from plastic and ceramics, though perhaps a little hard to use. Ready to add a touch of class to your interiors? Get in touch with Ikonni for the perfect custom steel doors in NY.


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