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Why Cabinets Are An Essential Part of the Kitchen Design

Why Cabinets Are An Essential Part of the Kitchen Design

October 2, 2019

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s the space where you spend a large chunk of your day, preparing meals for yourself and your family and sometimes even eating there. Why Cabinets Are An Essential Part of the Kitchen Design Having a kitchen that is both functional and aesthetic is the dream for most homeowners and even those living in rental spaces. It’s not so much about the pure appearances of kitchens, but how intelligent design choices can truly transform the look and feel of your space. This also includes the purpose and functionality of your kitchen, since design impacts everything. In this blog, we’ll focus on one key aspect of every modern kitchen: cabinets. Since people can’t afford large cellars and pantries in their homes—they’re not even necessary anymore—there needs to be sufficient storage space. This is what cabinets offer.

Organization and Storage

Elaborating on this seemingly obvious use of cabinets, the fact of the matter is that cabinets also offer convenient storage spaces. They’re a clever way of making use of existing spaces, such us under your counter-top and stove, to be mounted on walls and not typically as a standalone feature. This allows a lot of room without giving the feeling of being overwhelmed or looking too crowded. Cabinets with multiple shelves let you store more items such as seasoning, cutlery, crockery, jars and various other items that aren’t perishable. Organization and Storage Cabinets can have drawers in them too, for that added boost of space. It’s all about how you customize and set them up. Declutter your life and clean your cooking space conveniently with cabinets.


Beautifully done cabinets, such as the custom kitchen cabinets offered by us, can transform the entire appearance of your kitchen. Even if you’re not making major renovations, simple cabinet veneers and changing cabinet doors can make a huge difference. It’s as simple as replacing your old broken and creaky doors with sleek metal cabinet doors to get that perfectly modern, effortless look. Since cabinets make up such a large part of your kitchen, any remodeling effort should focus heavily on them. Don’t hesitate to invest in the right cabinet, both internally and externally, and see different ways of working with your budget, even if it’s as simple as getting custom veneers for the outside and dividers for the inside. Aesthetics


The quality of your cabinets determines their longevity. It’s tempting to save up and pinch your pennies when you’re trying to renovate or replace, but remember that these are not the same as buying cheap shoes. You might wear those shoes a few times, break them and toss them out, but kitchen cabinets are to be used daily and for years to come. When thinking of design, don’t just go for a quick fix; invest in them.   Ikonni understands the value of a beautiful but functional kitchen, which is why we bring you the best custom kitchen cabinets in NY. Get in touch with us today to learn more.  


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