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What Your Cabinet Style Says About You!

What Your Cabinet Style Says About You!

December 7, 2018

The way we dress speaks volumes about our personality. From our choice of color to our shoes, everything contributes to creating a first impression. The same theory applies when it comes to our kitchen interior. A kitchen with clustered cabinets and shabby doors loses points immediately. But that’s not all that matters. A dreary cabinet design portrays you as a person who lacks aesthetics. Your cabinet style depicts your personality. Here’s what it says about you:

Ø Shaker

Simple and clean lines; this design portrays minimalism. You prefer to keep your kitchen space clear without your cabinets being too loud. You’re an innovative person who utilizes space in other creative ways to make your kitchen look like your own haven.

Ø Beadboard

The drawers are plain with beadboards applied only on cabinet doors. This design portrays you as the kind of person who loves nothing more than to live by the beachside. You prefer a cozy, small cottage by the beach to a mansion any day! The design gives you a traditional mix while maintaining the touch of simplicity.

Ø Flat

Flat The edgy look of your kitchen gives you room for experimenting new looks. With laminate color and different wood options, you can create a customized design that sets your kitchen apart!

Ø Inset

This design provides various styling options ranging from contemporary to traditional designs. The design portrays you as the person who’s always on the lookout for quality. You prefer a sophisticated kitchen with customized doors, even if it means spending a little more.

Ø Glass

Glass A spacious and airy kitchen is your top priority. With glass doors, the reflecting light gives a brighter and spacious look to your kitchen. You prefer a delicate looking kitchen. Glass painting is a creative way to enhance your kitchen cabinets without going overboard. Are you planning to give your kitchen the uplift it needs? If you’re looking for creative and custom kitchen cabinet designs, get in touch with Ikonni. We have a wide range of designs to provide you with the most distinctive aesthetics. Whether you’re a glass door lover or a woodwork admirer, we have the variety to meet all our standards! Browse through our collection and make your pick!


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