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Ways That Lacquered Glass Can Accent Your Interiors

Ways That Lacquered Glass Can Accent Your Interiors

October 9, 2019

Want a quick but gorgeous transformation or addition to your home? You don’t need to opt for a radical addition and sell a kidney just because you want to enjoy gorgeous interiors. It’s entirely possible to stay within a set budget and transform the look of your home, whether it’s a living room or a kitchen. It’s all about figuring out what aesthetic you’re going for, what your budget is and how extensive you want your home transformation to be.

Beautiful, Easy to Install, Budge-Friendly: Why You Should Get Lacquered Glass

Lacquered glass is an investment worth making for your home. Available in various sizes, it can be used for different rooms, purposes and with other objects. Why You Should Get Lacquered Glass

No End to Creativity

You can choose from a massive variety of colors and shades, sizes of the glass and in vary in thickness. It's one of the easiest ways to add a pop of color to a space. You can virtually get anything printed on this glass and use any color you like. We offer different prints that you can customize at will. You can contact us for custom glass cabinets if you're in NY. Print your favorite painting, a family portrait, scenery, or just a solid statement color and mount it on your living room wall. You can view our samples here.

Turn Your Kitchen Into a Masterpiece

With our help, you can bring new life to an often neglected but heavily used space in your home: your kitchen! We don’t pay enough attention to the interiors of our kitchen, viewing them as no more than for their utility. When you invest in the appearance of your home, you'll feel a welcome change and lacquered glass is an easy way to do this. Since it's so durable and easy to clean and maintain, you can easily pick a print and do your whole kitchen with it. From the cabinets to the walls, countertops and practically any surface of your choice. Turn Your Kitchen Into a Masterpiece

Bathe Your Bathrooms in Color

Lacquered glass is also resistant to humidity and water damage, making it ideal for adding that touch of glamor to your bathrooms. Your walls, shower doors, or statement décor can all be made of lacquered glass, as well as the countertops and cabinets in your bathroom. The possibilities really are endless, it’s just about how you choose to use them. Lacquered glass is malleable enough for you to go all out with using it, but it can also be used in smaller sizes and capacities. You can contact us to learn more about the options for custom glass doors and cabinetswe offer at Ikonni.


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