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The Importance of Stainless Steel in Kitchens

January 20, 2020

Stainless steel is known for its neutral look. Whether your kitchen is dominated by wooden cabinets or marble countertops, stainless steel will fall into place and blend in effortlessly. It neither fades nor discolors, and is known to be a timeless kitchen trend that never goes out of style. Let’s look at some of the benefits of investing in a stainless steel finish for your kitchen:


The biggest benefit of stainless steel is its resistance to wear and tear and exposure. For a place like a kitchen, that is subject to strong aromas and heat, it’s always the right choice. Stainless steel is also highly resistant to corrosion. No matter how high the temperature is, there is no change in the properties of this material. This is why it’s used in the manufacture of super-heaters, heat-exchangers, and steam lines. So if you’ve got stainless steel cabinets or slabs in your kitchen, you can expect them to last long. No amount of accidental kitchen collisions, spills, and stovetop stains will make a difference to the material’s durability.

Easy to clean

Cleaning up kitchens is quite a chore, especially if you have an extended family, or host guests every now and then. But no matter how stubborn a stain is, it won’t leave a permanent smudge on stainless steel. All you need to do is use an old rag or a kitchen wipe and clean the surface. The same goes for both glossy and dull surfaces. Homeowners can also invest in commercially available cleaning solutions and polishes. Stainless steel is also easier to clean because it’s highly resistant to germs. Since it’s non-porous, it is better at warding germs off compared to wooden and plastic surfaces. There should be no compromise when it comes to preparing hygienic food for your family, and stainless steel helps you check all the hygiene boxes. All you need to do is use a disinfectant and sanitize the area before you get cooking. kitchen sink

Coordinates easily  

If you’ve got an all stainless steel kitchen, you won’t have a hard time following a theme. Stainless steel has a universal design that can be easily matched with other fixtures. You can easily get matching faucets, sinks, and backsplash. You can also get your interior designer to install stainless steel cabinets and kitchen drawers. If you’re big on color schemes, you can also get blenders, food processors, and toasters in the same finish. If you’re looking for custom designed, sturdy stainless steel cabinets in NY, look no further than Ikonni. You can browse through our collection online.


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