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Telltale Signs of an Old & Boring Kitchen

Telltale Signs of an Old & Boring Kitchen

October 25, 2018

Taking on a kitchen renovation project isn’t a simple task for one big reason – this is the place where we cook, eat and often get together. Not having a place to cook is a major inconvenience so people ignore the fact that their kitchen desperately needs a makeover. Other than the inconvenience, remodeling a kitchen can be quite heavy on your wallet. With that being said, there will inevitably come a time where you NEED to get your kitchen done. Kitchens are exposed to continuous wear and kitchen fixtures cannot last forever. Here are some telltale signs your kitchen needs to be revamped:

1. You’re Short On Counter/Storage Space

1.You’re Short On Counter/Storage Space Over the course of many years, you’ll find that there’s less space around the house because you’ve filled it with so much stuff. In the kitchen, storage and counter space gets taken up really fast. If you’re scrambling around to free counter space each time you decide to chop veggie or struggling to store appliances in the kitchen cabinets, you should consider redoing the kitchen. With a kitchen remodel, you have a chance to redesign the kitchen and create extra space.

2. The Current Layout Is Awkward

Not all homes are designed by experienced architects which is why many kitchens have an awkward (sometimes dangerous) layout. Kitchens of the 80s usually had built-in range-tops that can be extremely hazardous in households with kids. Remodeling your kitchen allows you install modern appliances/fixtures that are usually much safer.

3. Your Kitchen Isn’t Unsuitable For Your Lifestyle

3.Your Kitchen Isn’t Unsuitable For Your Lifestyle People who love cooking shouldn’t have to settle for a cramped kitchen. Seasoned architects/contractors can design and build a kitchen tailored to your needs so you have all the space you need.

4. It’s Outdated

The kitchen is an essential component of the house; a worn out, outdated kitchen can drag the value down quite a bit. If you’re planning to sell the house in the near future, the easiest way to increase its value is to renovate the kitchen. There’s a clear difference between the materials/designs of old and new kitchens. New kitchens tend to be safer and more efficient with space. Back in the day kitchen designs didn’t have much variety, however today kitchens come in all sorts of colors and styles. Modern kitchen cabinets set the tone for the rest of the kitchen; at Ikonni we offer custom kitchen cabinet doors of all types. Our collection consists of everything from simple and sturdy steel kitchen cabinet doors to bold & beautiful lacquered cabinet doors. Check out our selection online and take your pick. We’ll even send you a sample on your request before you place a final order!


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