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Steel vs. Wood Cabinets: You Decide!

Steel vs. Wood Cabinets: You Decide!

December 3, 2018

Kitchen is the heart and soul of your house. It’s the first place your guests visit while you’re holding a get-together or giving them a tour of your home. A trendy kitchen adds personality to your interior. Which is why you want it to stand out aesthetically. When it comes to kitchen remodeling, choosing the right kitchen cabinet is an art in itself. It could either result in a gorgeous kitchen or go the wrong way! There are many aspects to consider while deciding your kitchen cabinets. Your cabinets should complement your kitchen’s overall design. Wood cabinetry is known for its versatile designs and shapes; however, it may appear old-fashioned in a kitchen that’s equipped with concrete countertops and tile backsplashes. If you’re living in a humid area, steel cabinets are your best bet against corrosion and rusting. These are a few other benefits offered by steel cabinet doors.

1. No Refacing

No Refacing Steel doors are durable. They’re resistant against corrosion and rusting. A stain can simply be wiped off with a piece of cloth dipped in kerosene. Their structural strength eliminates chances of wear. This saves your maintenance cost and the only time you’ll have to replace your cabinet doors is when you’re looking for a new design.

2. Peel-free Doors

Steel doors eliminate the problem of peeling and chipping. Stainless steel is resistant to moisture and doesn’t warp over time.

3. Easy Installation

Steel cabinetry allows easy installation due to its pre-assembled design. All it takes is tightening a few nuts and screws, and you’re good to go! If you’re looking for a design that complements your modern kitchen while providing durability, steel cabinets are the right choice for you. However, steel cabinets are more costly than wooden cabinets as they don’t require frequent maintenance. If you love change and get bored with the same design in a year or two, wooden cabinets are perfect for you! Available in customized designs and affordable prices, wooden cabinets are well suited to meet your aesthetic requirements. Here are a few benefits that wooden cabinets offer:

1. Cost-effectiveness

Wooden cabinets can give your kitchen a modern theme without breaking the bank. They’re a cost-effective way to keep your kitchen up-to-date and increase your property’s value.

2. Fits with any theme

Wooden cabinets are available in custom designs and shapes to help you pick the cabinet made just for your kitchen!

3. Design variety

Wooden kitchen cabinets can blend with almost any door design ranging from a simple one to a carved door. You can choose a range of knobs to install with your wooden doors. Whether it’s a custom steel door or a wooden cabinet door, each design is dependent on the layout and moisture conditions of your kitchen. It’s important to consider these aspects to ensure functionality without compromising on aesthetics. It doesn’t matter what your requirements are, we have the answers. Offering a wide range of custom kitchen cabinet designs, Ikonni can provide your kitchen with the uplift it needs! Browse through our collection and request a sample before you make a final order!


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