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Like Chalk and Cheese

Like Chalk and Cheese: Avoiding Color Mismatches In the Kitchen

November 22, 2019

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the house so it’s crucial to get its aesthetics right. As exciting as it is to add color to your kitchen, it can go terribly wrong if you end up with the wrong one. The most common mistake homeowners make when redoing their kitchen is not thinking about the colors of their fixtures. Depending on the colors you choose, your kitchen get look dreary and washed out or extremely loud. This doesn’t mean that you need to stay away from particular colors when renovating your kitchen, you simply need to learn how to play with these colors. The idea is to harmonize the aesthetics of the walls, cabinets, flooring and counter tops. If you’re using bold colors, use them sparingly. When using light colors, add a pop of bright colors in specific areas. Here are some things you need to keep in mind when picking colors for your kitchen:

When Surrounded by Whites, Add Some Color

As elegant as white and eggshell kitchen walls look, the lack of color impacts the price of the house negatively. That being said, white walls do have a way of making the place feel bigger. Add personality to a kitchen with white walls by installing colored kitchen cabinets. Think about the type of colors you like? Whether you like bright reds and yellows or you like soft pastels, you instantly enliven white walls with a pop of color.

Stay Away From Slate Grays

As sleek as slate gray looks, it’s not for everyone. Shades of gray will make the kitchen look dreary and washed out—not the kind of ambience you’re looking for when you want to host loved ones. The best designed kitchens feel spacious and airy; gray fixtures and walls will make rooms feel dark and small.

Add Contrast To Dark Browns

Just like grays, dark browns will also make the place look dull. Although dark browns are classic colors for kitchen cabinets, they can look outdated when they aren’t paired with bright colors. If you like the dark brown kitchen cabinets then pair them with patterned counter tops and light colored tiles to add some light to the room. When you do decide to redo your kitchen, check out Ikonni’s collection of kitchen cabinet doors. We offer an elegant collection of kitchen cabinets and doors. Our selection consists of custom kitchen cabinet doors made out of steel, clay, cement and wood. We also custom lacquered doors and stone gres doors. Look for excellent custom cabinetry in NYC? Contact Ikonni today!


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