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Kitchen Cabinets: Tone It Up Or Down?

Kitchen Cabinets: Tone It Up Or Down?

December 5, 2018

Kitchen cabinets occupy a significant visual space in your kitchen. From providing functionality to complementing your kitchen’s theme, they add personality to your interior. A kitchen cabinet is the first thing that comes into view. If your kitchen is short on space or appears shabby, you’re losing out. When it comes to cabinet remodeling, picking the right theme can influence your entire interior. You could end up with a cave-like scullery or a luxurious kitchen. It all comes down to the colors! Here are a few things to consider before choosing your cabinet’s theme:

Highlighting the Cabinets

Highlighting the Cabinets Functioning from the start is the best way to achieve a gorgeous kitchen. There’s no point of having cabinets with sharp and trendy colors if your cabinet isn’t spacious enough or if your doors are falling apart. Wooden cabinets require maintenance as they are exposed to continuous wear and moisture. Removing dark stains is a tedious process and there’s no guaranteed result. It’s better to reface your cabinets to avoid these pitfalls. A pro tip for getting the right size is to show a dish to your cabinetmaker so they can estimate the precise depth of your cabinet. If you’re planning to spruce up your old cabinetry, get it checked for structural strength.

Ø Design and Color

This can turn out to be a deceptive area in terms of hidden costs. One way to ensure a high-end cabinet remodeling is to invest in good hardware. Quality hardware can be quite expensive; however, it provides durability and saves frequent maintenance cost. Browse the market before deciding the material and design for your cabinet. You can opt for a custom-made cabinet door if you’re looking for specialized designs. If you want your cabinets to stand out, you can choose a brighter or darker theme than the counters and walls. One creative design is to incorporate the design of a dark stain on your cabinet door. The same idea can be applied if you prefer painting your cabinets. Pick colors that pop out and capture attention.

Ø Pros of a bright-colored Cabinet

Dark colors give a luxurious yet cozy look to your kitchen. They’re the ideal choice when it comes to hiding dirt and grease.

Downplaying your Cabinets

Downplaying your Cabinets If you’re inclined toward light-themed kitchens and don’t want your cabinets to be too loud, downplaying would give your kitchen a fresh and spacious look.

Ø Prefer Paints

Painting your cabinets with soothing colors would give them a clean and smooth look. Choose colors close to the color of your wall. White and grey pastels allow the cabinets to merge with the wall and your floors and counters to stand out.

Ø Pros of a light-colored Cabinet

It gives a sophisticated look to your kitchen. No matter what the trends are, white will always be in fashion. You can change the colors of knobs and hardware to give a whole new look to your cabinet. Lighter colors reflect light, giving your kitchen a spacious look. It’ll also reduce the need for artificial lights. Whether you’re planning to highlight your cabinet doors or toning them down, Ikonni provides custom kitchen cabinet designs to fit all your needs. We have a variety of designs ranging from wood doors to glass cabinet doors. If you’re unsure about the right door design, request a sample before placing your final order!


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