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Kitchen Cabinet Make-over: FAQ Edition

Kitchen Cabinet Make-over: FAQ Edition

November 30, 2018

A kitchen is an essential part of a house. Its renovation is one of the most common home improvement projects. Is your kitchen appearing dreary? The problem might lie in your cabinets. Kitchen cabinets play an important role in your kitchen’s outlook. They could restrict space, movement; could make the place appear darker; give it a shabby look, and so on. Here are answers to the typically asked questions by homeowners:

Question-1: Would it be a good idea if I whitewash my stained cabinets?

Your kitchen cabinets may have dark stains on them. The stained cabinets give your kitchen an untidy look. People consider whitewashing to be a good idea. Stripping the cabinets to bare woods and whitewashing them sounds easy right? Wrong! Whitewashing a dark stain is a highly intricate and tedious process. After hours of efforts, there’s still a chance that the stains would appear on the surface. Another way to remove stains is by painting the cabinets. Using cabinets with oily hands is a common practice. The wax from oil is absorbed by the surface of cabinets. These blemishes aren’t removed by washing and require proper etching. It’s important to sand every inch of the cabinet to remove the lacquer layer. A much facile approach is to reface the cabinets and whitewash the new wood. This gives your cabinets a fresh look at half the time and effort.

Question-2: How long does Cabinet Installation take?

There’s no definite answer to that. It depends on the scope and complexity of work and the available labor. Four carpenters working for an average of six hours can install a standard set of twenty cabinets in one day.

Question-3: What should I do to prepare my kitchen for Cabinet Installation?

It’s recommended to cover your kitchen floor with cardboard to prevent it from damage. Cover your nearby furniture to avoid sawdust. Your kitchen space will be occupied so you’ll have to make alternate arrangements for food.

Question-4: Is it okay if I just wash my cabinets and not sand them?

People prefer to skip the sanding part if their cabinets have never been polished. It’s not wrong however, you don’t achieve proper adhesion without sanding. Your paint will come off every time you scratch your cabinet by mistake. Sanding ensures that your paint stays put. It also removes blemishes and stains on the old surface to give a smooth coating.

Question-5: How do I deal with doors that have been previously painted?

How do I deal with doors that have been previously painted? Repainting is one way to give your old cabinets a fresh look. Ensure that the doors are properly scrubbed. Apply an oil primer and sand it with 320 grit sandpaper (wet or dry). Once the sanding process is finished, apply high gloss enamel paint.

Question-6: What paint should be used for wooden cabinets?

Get high-quality paint for proper coating. It provides protection against peeling and chipping. Oil paints provide a smoother finish than latex paints. Modern kitchen cabinets set the tone for the rest of the kitchen; at Ikonni we provide custom kitchen cabinet doors in NYC. Our collection ranges from sturdy steel cabinet doors to bold lacquered cabinet doors. Browse through our collection and pick a design to suit your needs.


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