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Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for 2020

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for 2020 That We Adore

November 18, 2019

With the New Year right around the corner, many people feel the urge to spruce up their homes. Redoing your kitchen cabinets is a budget-friendly way to upgrade your kitchen and add some freshness to your home. Check out these awesome kitchen cabinet ideas for 2020:

1. Colored Cabinets

The easiest way to add personality to your kitchen is to install colored kitchen cabinets. Although most people prefer to stick to traditional color themes in the kitchen, adding a pop of color to your cabinets instantly infuses personality into your kitchen. When we say colored, we don’t necessarily mean bright primarily colors; neutral colors such as pale blues, pinks, grays, etc. create a modern-yet-classic aesthetic. These colors also go with all kinds of materials.

2. Natural Wood Tones

Wood never goes out of style so you really can’t go wrong with natural wood tones. Although stained and wooden kitchen cabinets are becoming increasingly popular, in 2020 you’ll see wood in its natural state. Install high-quality wooden cabinets that compliment your counter tops. If you’re feeling experimental, play with textured wood. Wood has a way of bringing warmth to kitchen spaces. If you’re living in a relatively hot city, go for cabinets with cooler tones and choose a light colored wood that compliments it.

3. Tons of Texture

Not ready to experiment with colors just yet? Kitchen cabinets come in a variety of textures. Ikonni’s collection consists of metal dust doors, wood doors, cement doors, lacquered doors, steel doors and stone gres. Each material has a distinct texture and can contrast with counter tops and kitchen boards with other textures.

4. Hint of Color

Hint of Color Who says all your kitchen cabinets have to have the same color? Sometimes too much of the same color can get a little overwhelming. For example, yellow kitchen cabinets will add a unique touch to your kitchen but a lot of yellow in a small space can make the place look gaudy. When using bright colors, it’s best to add a hint of color instead of going overboard with it. You can choose to install yellow cabinets on the top or the bottom of the kitchen, or just on the island. Restricting the bright yellow to specific parts of the kitchen helps tone it down. Thinking of redoing your kitchen? Ikonni offers vast collection of custom kitchen cabinets in a variety of colors and textures. We have years of experience in custom cabinetry and are consistently striving to bring the best of custom cabinets to kitchens in New York.Check out our collection today!


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