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Incorporate interior design trends for 2024.

4 Modern Interior Design Trends for 2024

January 4, 2024

The true skill of well-done interior design is to create a look that is both current and timeless, and that evokes an aesthetic that is personal to the client. This means paying attention to what is trendy and incorporating those elements in a subtle and tasteful way while staying true to your personal vision. Trends are not meant to overtake a design but can complement one so that the look stays modern without becoming over-the-top or going out of style anytime soon. Here are a few modern interior design trends for 2024 that you can consider incorporating into your next project.  

1. Metal Accents

Metal paneling options                

Metal accents have been on trend for the past few years, and they aren’t going away so quickly. In fact, some kind of metal accent is almost always in style, the question is just which metal is the trend of the moment. There are a variety of ways in which you can incorporate metal accents into your design project, and they fit with every aesthetic, whether you’re going for a more modern look, traditional, or something in between.

2. Curves

Curved panels                  

Curves soften the sharp lines of corners and boxes that tend to make up the shape of a space. Curves and rounded edges have started emerging as a popular trend in 2023 and will grow even more in popularity in 2024. This includes curved couches, rounded vanity mirrors, and other similar accents, as well as architectural arches and curved walls where possible. Many people find curved shapes calming and pleasing to the eye, so it makes sense that this look is taking center stage. IKONNI’s flexible panels work perfectly with this design trend.

3.  Warm Tones

How to design with wood paneling.                  

Warm tones turn up the coziness levels in a space, and cozy is a trending vibe for 2024. By using warm whites, browns, tans, deep greens, and even warm grays and blues, you can achieve a comforting look that is still modern and versatile for many different styles. According to a survey done by the New York Design Center, these colors are going to be front and center in 2024. Many of IKONNI’s products come in a variety of colors, including the warm tones that are popular today.  

4. Geometrical Shapes and Textures

Geometric floor covers                

Geometrical shapes add an element of playfulness to a design and are slated to be a desirable feature in 2024 designs. These shapes can be used in so many ways in a design in order to highlight or accent an area of interest, or to bring dimension to a space through texture. IKONNI offers several products that incorporate geometrical shapes, such as Embossed Veneers, Shaped Covers collection, and FORM AT WOOD decorative panels.

Embrace Interior Design Trends of 2024 with IKONNI

At IKONNI, our professionals can help you incorporate the interior design trends of 2024 and bring your design plans up to date. We carry a number of unique, innovative products that fit seamlessly in a range of design styles. No matter the scope of your next interior design project, IKONNI can help you make your vision a reality. 


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