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Improving Efficiency and Productivity in a Commercial Kitchen

March 18, 2020

Time is of the essence in commercial kitchens. You want to make sure the food you make continues to be phenomenal while your kitchen is clean and your staff is happy simultaneously. The more well-trained your staff, the smoother your operations will run. Increasing productivity and efficiency in the kitchen can help you boost sales while saving you time and money. Making sure your chefs are always productive and working efficiently in the kitchen is important but difficult to manage 24/7. However, it’s the key to making sure the food at your restaurant is always top quality. Here are some ways to make sure your commercial kitchen runs like a well oiled machine!

Optimize the inventory management system

You don’t want to find out in the midst of your dinner rush that you have run out of key ingredients in your inventory. You can avoid this if you set up an inventory management system that notifies you beforehand whether you need to restock or not.

Train your staff

All employees should go through a rigorous and efficient training process so they can be attuned to the correct way your kitchen works. This means not just having a new employee shadow an experienced one but making sure they go through the entire training checklist. This should include educating them about policies and letting them know the kind of experience you want to curate for your customers.

Keep communication open

Make sure whatever changes you plan or new equipment you get, you’re communicating it to everyone. This helps you engage your staff and makes them feel involved in the process as opposed to imposing new rules on them.

Ask employees for regular feedback

Without knowing how your staff feels about the current system in place, you can’t really come up with a system to keep them happy. Managing your commercial kitchen means being open to the feedback your employees have because they’re the ones doing the excessive groundwork.

Provide an efficient work space and equipment

Having the right tools that are clean and are maintained regularly means your staff faces fewer hiccups when it comes to carrying out their daily tasks. Invest in custom made cabinet doors for your commercial kitchen to maximize functional space, move around easily and to keep in shape! Head over to our website to find a range of sturdy steel cabinet doors to custom lacquered cabinets as well. For more information, contact us!


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