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Steel Is Making A Comeback In Interior Design

How Steel Is Making A Comeback In Interior Design

October 7, 2019

Steel is a timeless material since it’s so malleable, has high durability and can be used for pretty much anything from construction to cutlery and even jewelry! Even when trends change, steel somehow makes a comeback time and time again. This is quite true for its use in the world of interior design and home décor too. Not only has steel kept its well-deserved place in the world of modernist aesthetics, but it has also remained incredibly useful as a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing material.

Where do we see steel in interior design?

Well, pretty much everywhere! With such innovation, technological advancement and unbounded creativity, steel has been used in all facets of interior design. It’s become trendier to add steel to living spaces and homes, since it adds a touch of elegance, class and minimalism.

Décor and art

Steel is a popular choice for a lot of modern decorative pieces and art. With steel sculptures and wall hangings, centerpieces all taking the forefront in living rooms and bedrooms, office spaces and even kitchens, there’s no shortage of gorgeous statement pieces made of this metal. From custom art pieces to home store creations, everyone has access to steel décor nowadays. Décor and art

Steel Fixtures

This is the easiest, most effective way to incorporate steel into your home’s interiors. Steel fixtures such as steel cabinet doors, which we supply across NY, can be easily installed around your kitchen and home. Get the perfect custom metal door by getting in touch with us and keeping up with current trends and styles in the industry. Choose from a variety of finishes, textures and colors to get the perfect fixtures for your home. Steel cabinets not only look classy, they’re also easy to maintain, safe from wear and tear and quite sturdy. Browse our catalog to view our complete range of products and selections. add steel to your interiors

Steel Stairways

These metal stairways have gained immense popularity, channeling a vintage 70’s 80’s vibe in an incredibly modern way. For the more daring homeowner, stairways without railings are a popular option, but otherwise you can easily get a classic stairway, a winding one or any other variation you prefer.

Steel Prints, Tones and Colors

This isn’t steel as a material, but more the tones and color schemes that are steely. Cool-toned muted colors in greys and blues, blacks and charcoals are increasingly being adopted into the design. From bright colors and maximalist/boho décor, to chic minimalist aesthetics, steel is back and here to stay! If you’re interested in putting up gorgeous custom steel cabinets, you can get in touch with us here!


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