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Go-To Guide for Cabinet Materials

Go-To Guide for Cabinet Materials

March 16, 2020

When you’re undergoing a kitchen remodeling project, it’s important to consider the two key features of the design: aesthetics and functionality. A kitchen’s cabinets are usually the focal point of its design—after all, that’s the first thing that catches everyone’s eye as soon as they walk in—but it’s also one of the most-used features. The structural support and style of your kitchen cabinets need to be considered before you take the plunge. Let’s take a look at some of the best cabinet materials for your upcoming kitchen remodeling project:


This material is perfect for giving the kitchen a sleek, contemporary feel. Instead of opting for warm wood, metallic silver steel cabinets gives a futuristic industrial look that is coveted in modern design. Steel kitchen cabinets come in an array of colors—from pristine white and grandiose gold to antique copper and muted dark hues. While stainless steel is commonly used in professional kitchens, it’s just as great for modern home designs. Steel cabinets are durable and versatile. While they’re harder to remove scratches and dents from, they’re not vulnerable to temperatures or moisture like other materials.

Wood Veneer

When you’re looking for a smooth, polished finish, wood veneer is a popular choice. By applying a thin layer of solid hardwood to the kitchen cabinets, you can enjoy the benefits of hardwood without having to compromise your budget. Wood veneer is available in an array of colors; warm hued and rich browns to lighter shades. Applying veneer to kitchen cabinets can instantly transform the aesthetic of the room, adding a classic rustic appeal to the space. Veneer has an added advantage of being lightweight, stable, and affordable compared to other alternatives that give a similar look. This material is a go-to choice for designers looking for a material that offers as much in terms of durability as it does aesthetics. Wood Veneer


If you’re looking for a gorgeous sculptural effect, concrete is the material to choose. The full concrete overlay over the kitchen cabinets creates a beautiful, modern effect that is charming in its texture and uniformity. Concrete cabinetry isn’t just a modern, aesthetically-appealing choice for the kitchen cabinets, it also offers a variety of benefits. The material is durable and not prone to wearing down with frequent use. The surface has character that adds a rustic appeal to the kitchen and adds a brilliant contrast against the other vibrant colors in the kitchen. Every kitchen needs a set of gorgeous custom cabinets to add a touch of personality while offering immeasurable functional benefits. Instead of opting for ready-made cabinet doors, opt for custom made cabinet doors. Ikonni provides custom clay, wood, metal, and glass cabinets in New York. Our products include custom size and standard size products in a variety of durable and beautiful materials. Take a look at our catalog online or get in touch with us at 917-900-7048.


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