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Go Steeling to Prevent Stealing

Go Steeling to Prevent Stealing

November 5, 2018

Steel is the new chic, the new cool—and for reasons more than its globally recognized strength. There’s a shift in sensibility lately, with people having given a cold shoulder to the heavy duty, distressed cabinets made from wood back in the day. Additionally, the colors that were so popular back in the day are no longer desired in the way they were once revered: no fawns and robin’s egg blues, for sure—the current turn of the tide is all about minimal, elegant, simplistic design.

What Changed

This simplistic yet stylish look is achieved by incorporating a combination of dull, nondescript colors with splashes of bold and bright colors; and by using the right kind of hardware. Kitchenware is no longer left out for display and the larger items are usually piled inside cabinets and drawers to give off a clean, de-cluttered look. Spaces are left mostly empty and embellished with few but stylish items. This style emulates the commercial kitchen look which is sleek and shiny while being practical and stylish.

The Power of Steel

Bringing in to perfectly accentuate this clean and sleek look is steel hardware which thanks to its unmistakable luster, adds to the overall chic of this contemporary look. Steel isn’t the perfect companion for such a look just because it’s shiny, but also because its physical properties are basically a nod to the ideology behind the modern chic.

Which Brings Us To . . .

The modern style and design are all about “less is more,” which is exactly what steel does. It needs to depressions nor intricate designs to look perfect—it just does. Moreover, the modern idea behind the simplistic and minimalistic design comes from a rebellious attitude toward old ideas and fashions; and steel taking over wood does just that. It brings a fresh new look to kitchens; a breather if you’d call it. The heavy handedness has been replaced by a lightweight material; and the confining, concealing, exclusionary wood has been outdone by steel that is reflective and gives off light. Overall, there are splashes of modernist ideas and beliefs to be found in line with steel, which is what makes it so great of an element for the contemporary chic.

And Finally. . .

It is greatly advantageous: steel is durable, long lasting, tensile, and stronger than any other materials available for cabinetry! Perfect Cabinetry for the Perfect Kitchen

Perfect Cabinetry for the Perfect Kitchen

Having served a vast and vastly satisfied clientele for many years, Ikonni has gained years of experience in the field, especially in the case of steel cabinets and custom cabinetry. Our craftsmen are highly skilled and have spent years perfecting their craft. We use a combination of the best materials available to the us worked on by the best artisans we could find, and deliver consistently promising work. If you’re interested in custom cabinetry and in steel cabinets, feel free to leave us a message and we’ll get back to you. Or dial 917-900-7048 and talk to us.


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