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Color Me Impressed: Your Guide to Kitchen Color Combinations

Color Me Impressed: Your Guide to Kitchen Color Combinations

January 8, 2019

Imagine living in a house without a kitchen. When you think about it, your mind’s bound to go blank. How is that possible? A house without a kitchen? That’s ridiculous. But despite that, it’s usually the last place on our mind when we think about renovating our home. You’re probably wondering which drapes would match the colorful walls of your living room. You’re probably thinking about carpeting the stairs or can’t decide whether to go with LED lights or yellow bulbs for your bedroom. But an incomplete and bare kitchen is exactly that—lacking and imperfect. However, with a splash of paint and a dash of color, you can add spice to your kitchen’s interior! Here are a few awesome color combinations to consider:

See Blue With Sea Blue and Sky

Most homeowners in the U.S. prefer white kitchens. And why not? Contrasts are minimalistic and can make any space look “organized.” But white kitchens are also easy to miss. They barely add personality to the interior. And if you have a home with colorful walls, you need a kitchen that complements it. However, it’s also understandable if you don’t like loud, bold colors. And that’s where pastel colors take center stage. If you’re looking for a color combination that adds personality to your kitchen without subtracting from its surroundings, sea and sky blue are worth considering. Sea and sky blue are pastel but neutral colors that harmonize your kitchen’s atmosphere. They’ll also blend with your stainless steel appliances, creating a modern, sophisticated look. If these pastel colors aren’t your thing, you can also go for deep blue.

Go Green—Literally! 

While green may not be common with homeowners, it adds a nice hue to your kitchen’s interior. You can keep one side of the wall white and the other green. We recommend going with parrot green if you don’t like dark shades. Lighter shades help make small spaces look bigger. So, if your kitchen is small, make it look bigger and brighter with a light shade. You can add a few paintings to make the color combination stand out, without distracting the eyes from the furnishings!

When Life Gives You Lemons…

…Use them on your kitchen walls! Vibrant colors are the way to go if you want something unique but stunning. Lemon and lime are pastel colors that can bring your interior to life when mixed with other colors. When you combine lemon and lime, the color combination animates your kitchen, without subtracting from the furnishings. Remember that the right color combinations can make a dull kitchen look stunning. But if you’re re-thinking the walls of your kitchen, don’t forget about the furnishings!   As a custom cabinetry provider in NYC, Ikonni offers some of the most unique and stunning kitchen interior ideas to homeowners. From steel cabinets to custom cabinets that are guaranteed to slay, Ikonni specializes in kitchen cabinetry and has served in the industry for a number of years.


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