Steel Doors

Once upon a time, steel doors were reserved for gritty, industrial areas that were devoid of elegance or design. They were made to be durable and that was all they were known for.

Oh, how times have changed! As designers noticed the sleek and utilitarian look of steel doors, people began to request them in luxury offices, open restaurant kitchens, as well as upscale homes. Steel doors, one could say, have become more than a statement item; they’re a status symbol.

Much like with the way attitudes changed, so did the number of styles steel doors came from. Ikonni’s custom steel doors and cabinets range from the “classic” brushed steel look to a striking fabric texture, to visually stunning “crumple” looks that add a uniquely urbane touch to interiors. Steel cabinet doors aren’t just incredibly durable. They are in.

Find sleek and stylish custom steel cabinet and doors in NYC for your office and home at Ikonni!

Why Ikonni Steel Doors?

Ikonni’s reputation for superior quality and durability speaks for itself, but truthfully, our steel doors rank on an entirely different level. They are our specialty because we make them in such a wide range of different styles. Having an Ikonni steel door means that you get style as well as these excellent benefits:

  • Durability. Steel doors, by design, are made to last a lifetime and endure insane levels of abuse. Ours come with a three-year standard guarantee but often will outlast everything else around them because they are so well-built.
  • Quality and Style. Ikonni steel doors aren’t just steel doors. They are artisan steel doors that are designed to enhance the ambiance of any room—or even steal the show on their own. Our quality also means that these doors won’t tarnish and will remain beautiful for years to come.
  • Variety. Very few, if any, companies make artisan steel doors in the variety that Ikonni does. No matter what “look” you’re trying to complete, we will have a match that’s right for you.
  • Customized Sizing. Have a hard cabinet to match when it comes to sizing? No problem. Our cabinets are custom cut for each client, which means you’ll never have a poor fit.

Ikonni is a company that understands that it’s never just about the product; it’s about the experience. That’s why we have such a high level of customer satisfaction.

 Steel Doors